januari 22, 2018

Our offering

Almost a third of all industrial work is carried out in project form. In Imant’s opinion, a project manager is therefore more important than a division manager in many ways. At the same time, we are well aware that nine out of ten projects fail because the company starts at the wrong end. They lose sight of the deal.Where most consultancy companies focus on methods, tools and ways of working, Imant starts at the other end: What do we want to achieve? Where is the deal to be done? And which is most important – time, costs or results.

Based on the answers to these questions, we first look at the conditions, and then the people, and finally the tools and methods, which we view as hygiene factors.
Imant’s consultants get involved in steering groups and review the entire process: portfolio management, program management and project management. We provide training and coaching, and we also run large projects if someone needs to step in and deal with operational work.